De Morgan Intelligence provides a Cybersecurity Audit and Review service which gives an in-depth evaluation of an organisation’s cyber security posture in detail with regard to its compliance with the required security objectives, policies, standards and processes. The service is designed for both public and private-sector organisations.  The Cybersecurity Audit and Review service has the objective of assisting  our clients to achieve their required compliance of standards, policies and processes by providing them with an independent comprehensive risk and compliance audit assessment. 


Cybersecurity Audit and Review


The Cybersecurity Audit and Review will identify threats and vulnerabilities, expose weaknesses and high-risk practices. A cybersecurity audit will help mitigate any consequences of a breach and demonstrate that your organisation has taken the necessary steps to protect client and organisation data. Cybersecurity audits are designed for organisations that are yet to document their internal and external risks, vulnerabilities and threat exposure. They are also valuable to businesses that have expanded, and in process of  implementing various software and security controls.



Scope of Audit and Review

Our cybersecurity audit and review covers the following  areas:


  • Boundary Firewalls & Internet Gateways, Network Security
  • Malware protection against a broad range of malware (including computer viruses, worms, spyware, botnet software and ransomware) and including options for virus removal.
  • Security configuration for building and installing computers and network devices
  • Access control and administrative privilege management, both network and physical
  • Cyber resilience assessment; enables resilience and gap analysis assessments to be completed against multiple standards simultaneously, saving time and effort
  • Vulnerability identification,  enabling you to proactively protect your IT system rather than reactively cleaning up after an attack
  • Malware detection; protecting your organisation from malware begins with prevention. Reliable malware detection is the best way to do this
  • Web application scanning to crawl your website for vulnerabilities within web applications
  • Data back-up review and analysis. Data backup refers to onsite and offsite, automatic and manual processes to guard against the risk of data being lost or corrupted
  • Configuration and compliance checks. A compliance audit will determine if a system is configured in accordance with an established policy
  • Remediation action points, offering improvements in practices or processes with respect to vulnerabilities
  • Develop a breach response plan. Every business, even the smallest businesses, should make sure that they have done everything possible to prepare for a data breach.
  • Detailed report including a cyber security strategy overview complementing the business strategy.


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