The key to creating a safe computing environment is electing and following the appropriate ‘Cyber Risk-Based Monitoring’ assessment methodology. However, assessing risk and recognising the rate of return is a time-consuming task to accomplish. Thus, it often does not become a priority for many businesses and corporations. Determining risk can be a complicated task due to limited resources and a constantly changing threat landscape. Because of this, IT security experts must have a toolset to help them create a comprehensive view with regards to the potential impact of different IT security related threats and attacks. This toolset should be reliable, and cost-effective. 


Cyber Risk-Based MonitoringUp to 70% of data breaches are detected by third parties rather than by organisations’ own security operations teams, a clear indication that most current methods of security monitoring are inadequate. Our methodology concentrates on reducing an organisation’s exposure to data breaches and attacks, by using the cybersecurity approach of cyber risk-based monitoring,  This method is referred to as  a ‘proactive’ not ‘reactive’ method, as instead of focusing on reacting to an incident, risk monitoring involves proactively investing in testing, threat prevention, and threat intelligence to try to keep attacks from occurring in the first place.


De Morgan risk monitoring and control solutions concentrate on reducing your risk. Various tools and platforms are used to continuously monitor your systems for vulnerabilities that increase your organisation’s risk exposure.  We believe that IT security monitoring needs to evolve into cyber risk monitoring. There is a need to move from merely watching for malicious activity to proactively monitoring activities that are detrimental to the organisation.



Risk-Based Monitoring Solutions


As the number of cyber attacks grows daily, organisations need to do what they can to protect themselves. Risk-based monitoring allows companies to apply appropriate levels of control to specific areas when needed. There are many advantages of using De Morgan risk-based monitoring solutions:


Determines high risk and high priority weaknesses

You will better understand your company’s risk exposure levels and be able to prioritise your security needs by using a risk-based cybersecurity monitoring program.  The knowledge you gain will enable managers to decide which projects have the highest risk and need the most resources at any given time.


Saves Time and Money

Your organisation will save a considerable amount of time and money since you use resources more wisely, using a risk-based monitoring system.  The ROI on cybersecurity projects can be determined and you can stop spending on systems and tools that are not returning enough value. Additionally the IT team can focus their attention and time on cybersecurity issues that have a direct and immediate impact.


Determine the Systems That Need to Be Scanned Frequently

The risk-based monitoring approach allows you to identify the most vulnerable parts of your network. Even after any vulnerabilities are fixed, you may wish to scan these systems more often to ensure that no additional problems appear.


Risk monitoring is a proactive ongoing, and continuous process. It will help you become aware of any problems as soon as they arise so you can take immediate action.   Beyond simply watching for malicious activity, organisations’ need a function that can proactively identify those activities most detrimental to the business and support mitigation decisions.



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